Jon's Jesters aims to find the perfect balance between learning the skills of acting while having fun! Our curriculum combines acting basics with fun, engaging themes like Super Heroes and Wild Wild West!  Learn to project while shouting like a pirate, or learn to memorize lines while playing wizard games! 

Jon's Jesters also follows these 5 rules to help keep your kids on the right TRACK!

   Try new things!

   Respect each other!

   Appropriate language!

   Clap and encourage!

   Keep a good attitude!


Jon has been working with kids his entire adult life, from outdoor adventure camps with teenagers to private school daycares to mommy-and-me classes at Kidville and The Klub Gymnastics. And the subjects he has taught have been just as varied: sports, music, gymnastics, not to mention every school subject kiddos have homework on. But the one subject Jon is most passionate about is ACTING!

Jon studied acting at Collin College in Plano, TX and went on to perform for theatre, film, TV and even had his own theatre production company. Jon is a published playwright and has produced his original plays in both Dallas and Los Angeles, including festivals like the Hollywood Fringe Festival and the FIT Festival (Dallas.) Jon has even dipped his toe into the land of web series by producing the crowdfunded project CONfessionals, which received seven nominations (and one win) at the New Jersey Web Fest.

But now it is time to put his producing and performing talents together with his passion for the younger generation! Jon is ECSTATIC to get to know your kids and help them break out of their shells and find their inner Jester!