Jest For Fun 5yr+

This 60 minute class uses fun, engaging theatre games to aid kids in learning the basics of acting such as projecting and emoting. The lessons get even more exciting when coupled with our weekly themes: wizards, wild west, animals, and more! Each 9/10 week session concludes with a Jester's Showcase where the kids perform all of the themed games learned in the class. Every show(case) needs an audience, so parents are welcome to sit in on the final day! This class is perfect for kids who aren't looking for the "Hollywood pressure" of performing and just want to have fun!

Jest In Show 5yr+

This 60 minute class is dedicated to learning and performing a play from the ground up! Over the course of 14 weeks kids will audition, get cast, rehearse and perform an original play written specifically for Jon's Jesters performers! Along the way our students will learn about stage directions, how to memorize lines, and how to connect onstage with their scene partners. The perfect class for your little star who craves the spotlight!

Harder Jester 7yr+

This 60 minute class teaches the more complex aspects to acting such as character objective and commitment. We also dive into two person scenes and even sink our teeth into cold reading technique. Each 9/10 week session ends with a Jester's Showcase where the students will either perform a monologue or two person scene to highlight the skills learned in the class.


While we do make time for a game or two, the focus here is definitely more on scenework and acting technique. 

Shakespeare Jesters 6yr+

 This 60 minute class teaches children the basics of storytelling, from finding inspiration to properly structuring a story with a beginning/middle/end. The 9/10 week session culminates in a public reading of your jester's original story in front of parents and peers! And don't worry, we'll make time for fun acting games too! 

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